10 Free Printable Santa Claus Coloring Pages

Christmas Eve? New tomorrow and new beginnings in the new year. Have fun with the colorful ornaments and colors of Santa Claus! You wouldn’t want to leave him on a nice Christmas Eve, Santa Claus and a night in the snow, would you? Get ready to decorate your objects with color and imagination by using our free Christmas coloring pages for kids.

When you’ve found the perfect coloring pages, start browsing our coloring book to color all of your Christmas pictures. Or check out the Christmas coloring pages for adults.

Christmas Coloring Pages for Kids
Print Free Santa Claus and Christmas Coloring Pages
Christmas Coloring Pages for Adults Pdf
Printable Santa Coloring Pages Free
Santa Claus Coloring Pages for Toddlers
Coloring Pages Santa Claus Printable
Santa Claus Coloring Pages for Kindergarten

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