Free Printable Robin Hood Coloring Pages

Robin Hood reveals on its pages the image of a brave and fair robber. The thicket of the Sherwood Forest became his home, and his faithful associates replaced his family, which he was deprived of as a child. Having matured, he decides to help everyone who lives in poverty or has suffered from the cruelty of the people ruling the city. With his main weapon, a bow and arrow, he goes hunting for the weighty purses of the rich, who need to be taught a lesson. Ballads, books, films and cartoons came up with his exploits. The coloring presents a different look, including Robin Hood in the form of a fox from the animated version. To decorate clothes, you can use shades of green and brown they were traditionally worn by the hero with the aim of disguise.

robin hood coloring pages
disney robin hood coloring pages
free robin hood disney coloring pages printable
robin hood disney coloring pages printable
Free Disney Robin Hood Coloring Pages

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