12 Best Ninjago Coloring Pages

Ninjago coloring page contains ninja coloring book for kids. You can find the best Ninjago or Lego Ninjago pictures. Color the pictures of war equipment and master ninja.

The theme focuses on the world of Ninjago, which is home to modern and ancient cities. Ninjago was created by Spinjitzu’s first armed enemy with four golden cannons: fire sword, lightning nunchuk, earthquake scythe, and ice shuriken. No one could stop them immediately because of their enormous strength. However, his son was consumed by evil (later it became the bite of the great eater) and asked for four weapons for him. They were found and fought by his younger brother Wu, and his brother Garmadon was deported to hell. Peace ruled for years, but then Garmadon sent skeletons to steal weapons from the underworld. Wu found four ninja teenagers, Cole, Jay, Zane and Kai, one of whom was his sister Nya Kai, who was captured by the skeletons.

Top 12 Ninjago Coloring Pages
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Ninjago coloring pages
Kai Coloring Pages Ninjago
Free Printable Ninjago Coloring Pages For Kids
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New Beautiful Ninjjago Coloring Pages
Best Coloring Pages Ninjago

Top 10 Ninjago characters

3-Lloyd Garmadon
7-Sensei Wu
8-Sensei Garmadon
9-The Overlord

Master Garmadon and Misako’s son sacrificed his childhood to learn his life. After all, he was allowed to be the Green Ninja. Like Uncle Wu, it represents the way to be a ninja in training. Lloyd is the leader in the group.

This ninja is fast in every way. The character speaks first and then moves. Jay is smart and funny. However, it is very easy to get angry.

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